Education Arts Canada sets the stage for learning™.

Our mission is to engage and inspire children – heart, mind and body – through music, drama and interactive theatre.

Education Arts Canada (EAC) is a Canadian incorporated not-for-profit organization using performing arts experiences, teacher resources, music and creative play to challenge, educate and empower children. We present a range of highly-interactive musicals and concerts which ‘break the fourth wall’, reaching out from the stage to directly engage children in the experience. Our productions come right to schools or to theaters in the local community.

In a normal year, Education Arts Canada (EAC) engages approximately 70,000 children, teachers and parents with interactive music and drama in theatres, schools and other venues. Every EAC program includes supporting educational materials that are used in classrooms and homes to extend the impact of the presentations.

In response to COVID-19 and to our client’s needs, EAC now offers a range of virtual programming which can be delivered to the safety of a classroom or a child at home.

Major EAC Projects

Red's in the Hood plays to sold out crowds at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, ON

Red’s in the Hood delights sold out crowds at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, ON

Once Upon a Tune

  • Large scale fairytale musicals in theatres across Ontario and Montreal supporting literacy and drama curricula
  • Tours typically engage 9-10 adult cast and crew and 60-80 youth cast
  • Tours have grown to over 100 performances reaching approximately 50,000 students and teachers
  • Series has become a staple performing arts field trip for public, private and Catholic schools in Ontario
  • Has grown every year by word of mouth and is now the largest tour of its kind in the province
  • Our current four year show cycle includes: GoldiRocks, Red’s in the Hood, PigMania, and BeanStock

JiggiJump rocks and inspires visitors to the Ontario Science Centre


VIDEOS: What is JiggiJump? TV Promo | TV Episodes | Classroom Resource

  • Originally developed in partnership with Ophea (the Ontario Physical Health Education Association), this ground-breaking initiative uses the power of music and drama to get kids moving
  • Over half a million Ontario children have experienced JiggiJump programs
  • Recent programming:
    • Daily national JiggiJump television series on CBC, offering free access to the motivational power of the JiggiJump method
    • Free classes and resource materials for Early Years centres and community groups across Ontario
    • Free public concert tour and home resource kits to economically-challenged areas of Ontario
    • JiggiJump concert tour for Ontario schools
    • 400 JiggiJump concerts in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre to link movement with body science
  • Our current four year JiggiJump educational concert cycle includes:
    • JiggiJump Rock (including thematic material on diversity and cooperation)
    • JiggiJump Healthy Earth (including thematic material on environmental stewardship)
    • JiggiJump Beach Party (including thematic material on sun safety)
    • JiggiJump Snack Attack (including thematic material on healthy eating)

Engaging math students with the music of MathJam Shape Caper


VIDEO: What is MathJam? 

  • Another ground-breaking program, inspiring math students from JK-3 by engaging them with the power of music and drama
  • The Juno-nominated MathJam music was developed in partnership with some of Canada’s top math educators and children’s composers
  • The 4-part MathJam series currently tours 40-50 Ontario schools each year
  • Created in Ontario and now set to begin touring internationally
  • Our current four cycle of MathJam musicals include:
    • The Wizard of Math (a variety of music and math themes)
    • MathJam Shape Caper (additional emphasis on shapes)
    • Massively MathJam (emphasis on mass)
    • MathJam: Math Rules! (emp hasis on measurement)

Jay learns to better describe his feelings in this scene from “Jay VS the World”

One Deep Breath (formerly “My Voice”)

  • One Deep Breath is a series of in-school and virtual performances for students in grades 4-6+ on important subjects such as mental health, bullying, etc.
  • Titles include “The Secret Life of Riley K” which focuses on anxiety, “Jay VS the World” (emotional regulation and bullying), “Straight On Til Morning” (depression and screen regulation) and “Strange New Days” (pandemic mental health, self-care, anxiety)
  • Development of this series was made possible by a generous grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


  • ScienceJam is a series of in-school and virtual performances for students in grades 4-6+ that bring the science curriculum to life with music, drama, and exciting science demonstrations
  • Current titles include “Isaac Newton’s Excellent Adventure” and “Hubbard’s Amazing Matter and Energy Machine”
  • Development of this series is in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre and is made possible with a generous grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation

EAC Volunteers

Unlike many organizations that present arts programming to the school community, EAC partners directly with individual teachers. Over the past several years, we have developed relationships with thousands of Ontario teachers who share our vision of bringing more quality arts experiences into the lives of young children. These teachers volunteer time outside of their normal contracted duties to help plan and organize EAC shows for their students. EAC programs enjoy an unprecedented approval rating of 98% and higher among our teacher volunteer partners.

This year approximately 100,000 Canadian school children will attend EAC performances in partnership with over 500 schools, day care centres, and community groups across the country.

EAC was founded in 2010 by Judy & David Gershon, Juno award-winning children’s composers, performers and educators. Judy & David are the principal composers of all EAC productions to date. EAC’s Board of Directors includes representatives from both the performance and educational sectors.

For more information on Education Arts Canada please contact us.