Education Arts Canada offers its sincere gratitude to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for its generous support of our programming over the years including our One Deep Breath series focused on mental health and our ScienceJam series focused on science literacy.

Be an Educational Hero

Education Arts Canada programs are consistently rated by educators as among the very best, most engaging and fun educational experiences their students have ever had. But even though we are not-for-profit and our fees are very low, many schools have little or no resources to help pay for these programs. Your gift could make the difference for a school that could not otherwise afford this acclaimed, ground-breaking programming.

Some examples of how you can help bring educational programming to schools in your area…

$350 provides a matching-funds scholarship to a school for an exciting in-school presentation/educational program like MathJam or JiggiJump ($350 from our Hero, $350 from the school).

$700 provides a free in-school presentation like MathJam or JiggiJump to an underprivileged school.

$1000 provides a “Road To the Arts” grant of free busing for 200-300 school children to attend an exciting in-theatre production/educational program like JiggiJump, GoldiRocks, Red’s In the Hood, PigMania, or BeanStock.

$3500 provides matching-funds scholarships to 10 schools for exciting in-school presentations/educational programs like MathJam or JiggiJump.

$10,000 provides “Road To the Arts” grants of free busing for 2000-3000 children to attend  exciting in-theatre productions/educational programs like JiggiJump, GoldiRocks, Red’s In the Hood, PigMania, or BeanStock.

$15,000 and beyond… Let us create a sponsorship package for you that meets your particular organization’s needs. With more funds, we can reach more children with the kind of engaging educational experiences they will never forget.

The Benefits

The main benefit of becoming an EAC Educational Hero is the incredible educational experience you will be giving to school children. Exciting, engaging performances can bring educational concepts to life in a way nothing else can. Yet, in an era of shrinking school budgets, they are often the first to go.

In addition, all EAC Educational Heroes will receive a range of benefits, acknowledging their service to the community.

Every EAC Educational Hero will receive:

  • On-stage projected logo and acknowledgement before and after each show that their contribution helped to fund
  • Recognition on our website, beginning in the fall of 2012
  • VIP seats at any in-theatre presentation that their contribution helped to fund

EAC Educational Heroes contributing $10,000 or more will receive all of the above benefits plus:

  • Recognition with logo as a “Season Sponsor” in all relevant Education Arts Canada promotional materials and correspondence to the school community
  • Recognition with logo on the teachers’ guide for the applicable season
  • Education Arts Canada “Educational Hero Award” and press release

For more information about the benefits of becoming an Educational Hero, please contact us.