MathJam (JK-3)

On Tour for the 2016-7 School Year:

massively mathjam2

Touring Schools in November-December 2016

JK-Grade 3 • Approx 50-55 mins plus a 5 minute question and answer.

For inquiries or to secure a date for your school, please call toll free 1-877-697-6647
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MathJam examines central math strands from the JK-3 curriculum using music and interactive learning.

Students join in the on-stage fun!

Students join in the on-stage fun!

Massively MathJam is a high energy, interactive journey from a fifth floor apartment, to a national game show, to the wilds of the jungle. The show and teachers’ resource kit focuses on mass and probability, plus counting and more. Here’s what educators have to say about previous MathJam shows:

“The MathJam Shape Caper presentation was GREAT! The kids were engaged for the entire presentation…. The kids actually danced all the way back to the classroom!…Thank you for making math fun!”- Kathryn Huntsman, Teacher, Mississauga

“Our kids told us that they will never forget geometric shapes thanks to MathJam.” -Principal, Sutton West

“One of the best performances I have seen in the schools.
Keep up the great work!”
– Principal