Teachers confirm: EAC Programs are THE BEST OF THE BEST!

Congratulations to the wonderful cast and crew of PigMania! Close to 20,000 students and teachers attended the field trip events and the reactions have been outstanding:

86% of educators surveyed said PigMania was “ONE OF THE BEST educational performances” their school has attended.

Our in-school programs (MathJam and JiggiJump) were also hailed by educators as among the best in-school programs they have ever had. 100% of respondents said the in-school programming was enjoyed by staff and students. 82% of respondents said the program was ONE OF THE BEST in-school presentations their school has had.

A couple comments…

A Thorold, Ontario principal wrote this about our recent JiggiJump Snack Attack event:
“This experience was the whole package…language, math, drama, dance, music, science, social studies and more. It was FUN!!!!! The performers reached out to the  students and staff in a wonderful way.. it was like a video game but even better, it was…LIVE!!!!. 

A Unionville, Ontario teacher wrote this about our recent PigMania show:

  “Every child and teacher too, enjoyed the performances.  The songs and tunes are catchy.  What an amazing opportunity to go to a theatre. From an administration point of view, the ease of organising the event is astounding. “

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