Schools In Need Program Launched

Education Arts Canada is pleased to announce its Schools In Need program. The program is designed to offer schools serving lower income populations the opportunity to attend EAC’s critically-acclaimed programming.

“This year, with over 70,000 students attending our performances, it is clear that Education Arts Canada is answering a real need,” says EAC Chair, David Gershon. “But, while most schools find EAC shows to be very affordable, it is still too much for some communities. We are hopeful that the Schools In Need program can help.”

Schools In Need works on the honour system, with schools who cannot afford tickets to EAC’s theatre shows stating what they think they can afford. Three weeks before a performance, if tickets are still available, EAC staff will allot remaining tickets to qualifying schools.

For more information or to apply to the Schools In Need program, click on the link above under “About” or click here.

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