New from Education Arts Canada

and The Ontario Science Centre

Grades 4-6 • Approx 50-55 mins plus a 5 minute question and answer.

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Education Arts Canada is proud to present its brand new Science Jam series, created in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre and made possible by a generous grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Science Jam brings the grade 4-6 science curriculum alive with drama, music and adventure.

Isaac Newton’s Excellent Adventure is the world premiere installment of the Science Jam series. The experience begins with a high-energy performance in your own school gym and continues with comprehensive resource materials which your teachers can use year round. The show stars “Kiara”, the forward of the school basketball team. Kiara can’t play in the big game unless she aces her science presentation. Thanks to a lucky little tear in the time-space continuum, Kiara comes face-to-face with Sire Isaac Newton, himself. Unfortunately for Kiara, Newton has more questions than answers. Kiara finds that she must rely on her own power of inquiry – and a lot of help from the audience – to make the scientific discoveries she needs.

This exciting initiative was written by Juno award-winning Canadian composers and educators, Judy & David Gershon and is directed by Bryn Kennedy.

Curriculum links: Science, Physics, Music/Arts/Drama

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