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A high-energy, engaging performance is only a small part of the educational experience with Education Arts Canada programs.

Our curriculum-integrated Teacher Resource Guides are developed by educators to provide easy-to-use activities and lesson plans that extend the experience into the classroom. When you book a performance, you will be provided with the password to access the resource materials from our website. Any teacher from your school is welcome to access these materials at any time and use them freely in the classroom.

Schools attending performances will also receive music CDs which may be used in the class. All Education Arts Canada performances use music as a key element of the educational process. Playing the CDs for classes in advance of the performance will greatly increase students’ enjoyment of — and educational benefit from — the show. Playing CDs after the performance will extend the experience into your classroom long into the future.

Password and Login

You should receive login and password information when you receive your preshow package. If you have not received a password (or misplaced it) and would like access to our resource materials, please fill out the form below.

If you have your login and password, click on this link:
Resource Download Page

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