Education Arts Canada in-school shows are self-contained with a full sound system, video projection system, backdrops, costumes, performers, etc.


All you need to provide is a safe place to perform. This can be a school gym floor, an auditorium stage, etc. We typically require a performance area of approximately 18 feet wide by 15 feet deep; however, some shows can squeeze into smaller spaces when necessary (please contact us if you have a smaller space).


For safety sake, we will require full, uninterrupted use of your school gym or auditorium for the duration of our set-up, performance, and take-down. Specific times will be discussed with your school closer to your show date (generally, beginning one hour prior to show time until 45 minutes after show time). Bells and announcements should be turned off from the gym/auditorium during the show. The performers will not perform in any space which threatens their physical safety (for example, a stage that is cluttered, falling apart or wet and slippery, exposed electrical wiring, etc.).