Hi friends and colleagues!

In the first 10 minutes of offering this free DPA program I have already received dozens of messages, so please forgive me for making this (quickly thrown together) web page in order to make it easier to respond to everyone.

This page isn’t password protected, but it is a private (unlinked) page. Please do not share it with anyone as we DO charge for this program normally and we are only now sharing it with people who reach out to us and who are confirmed as Ontario primary teachers.

Here’s some background info that might help…

What is JiggiJump? (video)

And… as promised:

Download the JiggiJump II CD here

Download the JiggiJump II Teacher Guide here

Watch the JiggiJump II Video Resource here

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  2. Please have a look at our critically-acclaimed live theatrical programming for schools and contact us with any questions you might have. We would love to bring your school to one of our shows, or bring one of our shows to your school! Our in-school JiggiJump show this season is “JiggiJump Rock” and it will be touring in January.

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Thanks for your time. Enjoy the resource!


David Gershon
Chair, Education Arts Canada