Policies as of Feb 28, 2020

1. ALL PAYMENTS are to be made payable and mailed to Education Arts Canada by cheque. Deposit is required within 10 days of booking. Balance is due 2 weeks prior to the show.

2. ANY ADDITIONS to your booking should be made as soon as possible (no later than 5 days prior to performance) and are dependent on availability.

3. Normal Reduction and Cancellation Policy:

REDUCTIONS to your booking:  You may request a reduction of up to 10% of your original paid seats no later than 21 days prior to the performance. Please issue Permission Forms early so that you will have your final numbers no later than 21 days prior to the performance as no reductions can be made after this date.

TOTAL CANCELLATION :  Written or email cancellations are accepted as follows:

 • Cancellations made within 14 days of the performance date will require payment of your full invoice

 • Cancellations made within 15-90 days will require a payment of 50% of your full invoice

 • Cancellations made more than 90 days before the performance lose the deposit only. 

 • Deposits are non-refundable. Once Reservation Confirmation has been signed by the school, the Deposit amount is still payable, regardless of cancellation.

4. DAY OF THE PERFORMANCE: We allow a maximum number of absentees equal to 5% of your most recent paid seat amount. We will issue your group a refund cheque upon request.

5. SEATING: There are no physical tickets for our schools shows. Classes will be seated upon their arrival at the discretion of the Theatre Staff. Please understand that they have to take into consideration number of students from each group and needs of those that require accessibility seating. All teachers, parents and students are required to follow the instruction of the theatre staff and be seated where assigned. AFTER your school has been fully seated, teachers may at this time, if deemed necessary and if the show has not begun, make changes to seating within their allotted section. Most theatres seat in the order of arrival.

6. BUSES: Please arrange with the bus company to deliver your students to the theatre approximately 20-30 minutes prior to show start time. Shows are approximately 55-60 mins long.

7. TEACHERS and CHAPERONES are offered free seats at the rate of one free seat per 10 paid seats. Any additional teachers, parents or chaperones beyond this number will require a paid seat. All seat requests must come from the school group, not directly from parents. Please do not ask the parents to call us directly.

8. ALL CORRESPONDENCE regarding the show and your booking should be with Education Arts Canada, not with the theatre. Our phone number is 905-763-0852. You can reach us via email at info@educationarts.ca 

9. Education Arts Canada reserves the right to substitute performers. Although our shows are created by Judy & David Gershon, they do not appear in the performances.

10. UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES & INCLEMENT  WEATHER: In cases of inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances, EAC and the school will make best efforts to reschedule to a new date within the same school year. Should this not be possible, the following policy will apply: When EAC has initiated the cancellation of a performance for any reason (even for circumstances beyond its control), the school will owe EAC nothing and EAC will refund any payments already received. When the school initiates cancellation of the performance (even for circumstances beyond its control), the school will still owe the amount contracted in its original contract, less the allowable seat reduction. As a registered not-for-profit organization, EAC is not able to provide refunds or cancel reservation contracts for unexpected factors which may prevent a school from attending.

11. THEATRE ETIQUETTE AND SAFETY: No food, drink or gum is allowed in the theatre. Please ensure cell phones are turned off or muted. Absolutely no flash photography and no video please. All students must be accompanied by an adult when using washroom facilities. EAC programs are designed with the health and safety of the students in mind; however, performers cannot supervise the behavior of individual students from the stage to ensure their safety. This is the sole responsibility of the teachers and chaperones that accompany the students.