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Brand New Show!

Archimedes Moves the World

Live In-School Show! • Touring Oct-Dec, 2023

STEM Investigation & Communication • Structures & Mechanisms • Simple Machines • Forces Acting on Structures • Flight • Music/Arts/Drama

“ScienceJam is a fun and engaging way to reach students with concepts of Science, Math, and History. Student engagement is facilitated through song as well as having students interact with the performers. It is time and money well spent to enrich our students’ learning. Keep on making interesting and engaging Science and Arts performances for students. Being able to blend Science, Art, and History into a fun performance really helps with the learning. Also, having parts where the student audience can interact and be a part of the performance is really great, too.”

Carol McKay, Ingleborough Public School

Education Arts Canada is pleased to announce a brand new science adventure! Archimedes Moves the World was created in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre and with the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We can’t wait to finally bring ScienceJam back into your school gym or auditorium with a live performance!

“This program was particularly well matched to our science curriculum.”

Bradley Hoekstra, Roberta Bondar Public School

Find out more about how our newest edition of ScienceJam can help lift your grade 4-6 science program with fun, music and STEM engagement. Contact us at or click HERE to download the ScienceJam flyer.

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GoldiRocks is Back!

It’s finally time to ROCK again! Don’t miss out on the return of one of the best-rated and most loved Canadian theatre field trips ever! Ask us about bringing your class to GoldiRocks, touring Ontario Feb-Apr, 2024. For more information email or download the flyer HERE.

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‘Hands down, the greatest and most entertaining show I’ve seen in my teaching career! The students were fully engaged and are still singing the songs from the show! I, myself, laughed out loud numerous times! The kids absolutely loved it! It was excellent!”

E Lepelaars, Gregory A Hogan School