Archimedes Moves the World

Live In-School Show • Touring Oct-Nov 2023

STEM Investigation & Communication • Structures & Mechanisms • Simple Machines • Forces Acting on Structures • Flight • Music/Arts/Drama

Recommended for grades 4-6

Education Arts Canada is pleased to announce a brand new science adventure! Archimedes Moves the World was created in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre and with the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. We can’t wait to finally bring ScienceJam back into your school gym or auditorium with a live performance!

Find out more about how our newest edition of ScienceJam can help lift your grade 4-6 science program with fun, music and STEM engagement. Contact us at or click HERE to download the ScienceJam flyer.

Jay vs the World

Live In-School Program • Touring April and May 2024

Mental Health • Emotional Regulation • Bullying
Recommended for grades 4-6+

Jay has it all – popularity, talent, and an awesome best friend. But when the friend leaves town, Jay’s plans to run for Student Council lead to public humiliation in the school cafeteria. Angry and embarrassed, Jay tries to topple the frontrunner for president. As his frustration builds, Jay’s world spins out of control. For Jay, emotional regulation turns out to be an even bigger challenge than getting elected. But making the journey back from bully to hero is worth the effort.

This exciting initiative was created by Juno award-winning composers, Judy & David Gershon, and by Canadian director and playwright, Ali Joy Richardson, under the guidance of a team of mental health professionals. The program includes an unforgettable in-school performance and excellent teacher resource materials to extend the learning through the year.

Ask us how to bring this acclaimed and important program to your school. Contact us at Download the flyer HERE.