86% of educators surveyed said our Once Upon A Tune shows are ONE OF THE BEST educational performances” their school has attended.

Our in-school programs (MathJam and JiggiJump) were also hailed by educators as among the best in-school programs they have ever had. 100% of respondents said the in-school programming was enjoyed by staff and students. 82% of respondents said the program was ONE OF THE BEST in-school presentations their school has had.

Once Upon a Tune Reviews


‘Hands down, the greatest and most entertaining show I’ve seen in my teaching career! The students were fully engaged and are still singing the songs from the show! I, myself, laughed out loud numerous times! They kids absolutely loved it! It was excellent!” – E Lepelaars, Gregory A Hogan School

“Each Education Arts Canada performance is extremely well-planned, engaging and an absolutely thrill for our staff and students to experience. Our students start raving about the amazing performance once the theater lights turn back on…and they continue to rave about it on the bus ride home and weeks that follow. The staff are most professional, helpful and courteous (a HUGE thank you to Melody and Sylvia!). Our school will start our ‘Countdown App’ until the following year’s exciting performance. To maximize our experience, we love to plan weekly primary fun sing-alongs and readings of different versions of the fractured fairy tales with our students. The entire primary staff and students are always all gamed to dress up according to the story (e.g. this year we had a sea of red hoodies and red shirts… may attempt to tie-dye all 275 attendees for next year’s BeanStock – again!).”  – G. Westrick , Alvin Curling PS
“The story line was engaging and held the attention of my students while also giving them wiggle breaks throughout that kept even my busiest students entertained. The humor in the play kept the adults laughing, too! This was definitely a trip that was enjoyed by all! Fantastic performance!” – M. Hull, Gregory A Hogan School
“It is a wonderful way to introduce the young students to the theater. It can be linked to Drama, Oral communication, and the Language curriculum. Our school has attended productions for the past 4-5 years.” – S. Beauchesne, St Bernadette School

“This program is perfect for primary children. It allows them to interact with the performers on stage (they don’t have to sit quietly the whole time), and it gives students many opportunities to jump, dance and get the wigglies out so they can enjoy the show even more. The adults really enjoyed the humour geared for grown ups as well. Nice touch.” –  St Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic School

My students thoroughly enjoyed the show! The performance tied in very well with our literacy and arts curriculum, and my students are still joyfully singing the songs in class.   St Ambrose School

Excellent resources for elementary grades! CD provides opportunity to learn words and theme of show before attending. Easy to integrate reading, writing, and media by using the suggestions provided. Sandowne PS

A great experience that ties in music, drama, and literacy components of the curriculum! – William Winegard School

There are many curriculum connections that can be made when using the plays and materials provided. –  Holy Spirit School

A very high calibre production. Our school only comes to these productions now. We feel it is great bang for the buck!!!  –  Greenwood PS

Great twist on storylines, excellent singers/dancers, music is catchy, fantastic humour/dialogue for both adults and children, great audience movement and participation. We’ve been going for 10 years! – Our Lady of Lourdes

Great fun show, great price, presented locally! Perfect length for the younger kids. –Braemar House

JiggiJump Reviews

“The performers were excellent!  They engaged alL students.  They brought so much energy to the performance.  They engaged students who don’t usually participate, they had students smile that don’t often smile!  It was an absolutely amazing performance!  Staff have commented that it was the best ‘assembly’ we have ever had. “ – King Public School

“This experience was the whole package…language, math, drama, dance, music, science, social studies and more. It was FUN!!!!! The performers reached out to the  students and staff in a wonderful way.. it was like a video game but even better it was…LIVE!!!!.   -Principal St Charles School Thorold

“All the teachers were very impressed and would love to have you back!”
–       Principal; Mississauga, ON

“It was wonderful!  The kids loved it and were all up and dancing!”
–       Principal; Oakville, ON

“It was excellent.  Fantastic job!  The staff and students absolutely loved it.”
–       Primary Teacher; Mississauga, ON

“Please come again – it was so worth it.  The staff really enjoyed how interactive with the students the performance was.”
–       Principal; Mitchell, ON

“A good experience with [an] interactive show, super performers, [and a] good message [delivered] through fun moves and lively music.”
–       Principal, Kingston, ON

“This is by far the best performance we’ve ever had for our primary students!  Fantastic!”
–       Teacher/Librarian, Mississauga, ON

“Fantastic show!  Information and engaging!”
–       Primary Teacher; Cambridge, ON

“All the classes genuinely enjoyed the mix of learning,  moving and laughing!”  Two thumbs up!”
–       Teachers, Conestogo, ON

“The show has just the right balance between activity and focused listening!”
–       Principal; Lucknow, ON

“The students and staff loved the show and the interaction/dancing/moving was a hit!”
–       Primary Teacher; Hamilton, ON

“A truly fantastic and engaging show!”
–       Primary Teacher, Hamilton, ON

“The students were engaged and excited the entire show.  It was also quite a workout!  It was a lot of fun.  The students really enjoyed the music, singing and dancing.”
–       Phys-ed Teacher, Toronto, ON

“Great show!  I would recommend it to other teachers!”
–       Teacher, Scarborough, ON

“The students were all engaged for the duration of the 1 hour program and had a lot of fun without realizing they were getting exercise at the same time!”
–       Teacher, Scarborough, ON

“For primary children, the use of technology, song, dance and acting is a natural hook.  The interactive element helps to draw the children in and maintain focus. Our children were especially drawn to the puppet dog, Bagel, which is another unique way to connect with their imagination.
–   Hilldale PS, Brampton, ON

MathJam Reviews

“Exciting and Engaging for students JK to 3! Our Grade 4’s even loved it!(Split class). Amazing and professional as always! Staff and students loved it!” – S Gibson, St Kateri Tekakwitha School Markham, ON

“Thank you for the interactive learning opportunity for our students. You combined the Arts with Math and Language for a fun and engaging experience for our students.” – R. Sullivan Markham Gateway School, Markham ON

“They were riveted for the whole hour.  Kudos to the performers who were respectful and engaging with the students.  A great value for the money.”
– Principal, Toronto, ON

“I will use the measurement song with [our] measurement unit to spark discussion about measuring tools”
–       Principal, Newmarket, ON

“I will use the CD to introduce the different math strands to the students.  The lively beat of the music will allow the children to listen attentively to my lesson.”
–       Primary Teacher, Toronto, ON

“My grade ones loved it!  It was just the right length of time.  Excellent!  All of the teachers enjoyed it as well.”
–       Teacher, Toronto, ON

“Well organized.  Very flexible actors re: accommodating the use of the FM system for our hard-of-hearing students.   Dynamic Duo!  Great Team!”
–       Teacher, Waterloo, ON

“It was a very exciting show that held the students attention.  Students in K – Gr 3/4 participated and were engaged.”
–       Principal, Hullett, ON

“[The] program was excellent.  Professional acting and singing, staging and props.  Well done!”
–       Principal, Burlington, ON

“The students participated and stayed engaged.  They were definitely following and singing [along]”
–       Grade 1/2 teacher, Zurich, ON

“The students were very engaged and came out of the gym singing!”
–       Teacher, Niagara, ON

“[I] can tell you’ve done this often – very professional.  Tailored to the age.  Handled students well.”
–       Principal, St Marys, ON

“[We] love the online resources because then staff [can] go to print or view their specific grade materials.  Everything went perfectly!”
–       Teacher, Grimsby, ON

“One of the best  performances I have seen in the schools.  Keep up the great work!”-       Principal, Niagara Falls, ON

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