Subsidized JiggiJump Shows – Now available

JiggiJump Free Concert

Canada’s Sing-Along Superstars, Judy & David, are best known from over a decade on their Treehouse TV television show “Judy & David’s Boom Box” and their Juno award-winning children’s music. Now, thanks to the support of Education Arts Canada, you can have Judy & David’s JiggiJump show live at your festival for a surprisingly low price.

JiggiJump is a musical work-out adventure that really gets kids moving, dancing and singing along. Over half a million children have enjoyed JiggiJump in Ontario schools, with tens of thousands more paying to see JiggiJump shows in theatres throughout the province. JiggiJump has been hailed by multiple educators as “The best performance our school has ever seen”.

Education Arts Canada, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enriching children’s lives through live performance, is now making JiggiJump available to festivals throughout the province at a subsidized rate. The show is available in a variety of lengths and formats, from as low as $1500 a day for shows featuring the All Together Now Players, to larger scale productions featuring Judy & David themselves. There is even an option to feature a local children’s choir, dance school or community group to perform in the show alongside the professional performers.

JiggiJump is well suited to corporate and government sponsorship, as it is a concept that is near and dear to the hearts of anyone who cares about our kids’ future. As obesity rates rise and activity rates fall, Education Arts Canada welcomes partners who share the vision  of JiggiJump.

A limited number of subsidized JiggiJump festival performances are available. Please contact us to discuss your needs and performance availability.