JiggiJump Comes to CBC!

We’re so pleased to announce that EAC helped make JiggiJump accessible to millions more children in Canada with the brand new JiggiJump television series on Kids’ CBC.

CELEBRATE JIGGIJUMP with us with free concerts and CD GIVEAWAYS all over Ontario! Click HERE for more details.

As many teachers know first hand, JiggiJump gets kids moving with music and adventures of the imagination. Now children can also experience the thrill and health benefits of JiggiJump in their own homes. Many thanks to the Ontario Government’s Healthy Communities Fund for its key role in making these broadcasts possible. Thanks also to Kids’ CBC, the Shaw Children’s Television Fund and Markle Productions for their vision and faith in the project. JiggiJump premiers Sept 3 at 10:11 am on Kids CBC. For a sneak peak of the show visit jiggijump.org. The JiggiJump educational program, complete with CDs and teacher resource materials, is available for theatrical field trips and for in-school presentations.

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